Friday, December 27, 2013

Nephews Christmas Quilts

I had a great Christmas with my family this year.  I wanted to share a few pictures of my nephews getting their quilts for gifts.  I forgot to get a picture of my sister with her Christmas quilt but she loved it.

Here is Luke.

See the smile.  Look quick it doesn't last.  But I think he knows what's coming and likes it.  That's what I am going to believe.

It's a quilt!  Surprise!

Zing!  Next gift...
And this is Arun.

Not sure what the look is for but I know he likes the quilt.  He is one of my biggest admirers.  He says I am a quilt making machine.  LOL
Once he remembered he got the quilt, he made good use of it.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Snowman Quilt

This quilt has been around for several years and has passed back and forth between me and my sister in various stages.  This year it is finally complete and will find a home at my sister's house.  Merry Christmas!

Nancy's Snowflakes

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sweet Log Cabin Quilt

I quilted this quilt for a customer who was getting the quilt finished for his wife's Christmas present.  The top was made by someone else (a sister maybe?).  What a cool and thoughtful gift to venture into the world of quilting with a limited understanding of what to ask for.  Well, we completed the quilt and I think it looks fabulous!

I used Ambrosia pantograph which is a perfect design for a soft, feminine quilt.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blog Catch Up...November Quilts

I have four quilts I can show you that I quilted for customers in November.  One is a wedding gift so it will have to wait until January to show.

Go Hawkeyes!  (For all you Iowa fans...)

Sara's Hungry Catepillar quilt (#2 I think.)

Sara's Dr. Suess quilt.  I quilted it using Coil design.  Just wonky enough for Dr. Suess.

Naomi's wedding autograph quilt she made for someone.  Love the personalization.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quilt for My Mom

We received some shocking news three weeks ago about my mother.  She has terminal brain cancer.  Seriously???  This stuff isn't supposed to happen to you, right?  It happens to others...people on TV, in the movies, somebody else's parents.  This is a hard reality to accept but that's what I am trying to do while trying to do my part to help my mom be the best she can be with what she is dealing with.  I welcome all your prayers for my family as we deal with this.

You may recall the quilt I made for my dad in August after his diagnosis with an aggressive form of bladder cancer <here>.  He is in the middle of his treatments and feeling pretty good.  But this latest news is taking its toll on him, too (as you can imagine.)

So, as quilters do, I made a quilt for my mom.  She loves red and black so those are the colors I chose. It is bound, labeled, washed and ready to take with me on my next trip to Kansas City.

The perfect design named "Whole Lotta Love".

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jill's Christmas Quilt

This quilt I was able to actually load and quilt it at one sitting (standing).  I haven't been able to do that for quite some time with my schedule.  

This Christmas quilt of Jill's was quilted using Ambrosia design and a Light Olive Glide thread.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Jill's Flannel Log Cabin

I love doing Log Cabin quilts a little "wonky".  I didn't even notice this quilt was a log cabin until I took it off the frame and looked at it.  What a great way to make a small large Log Cabin block.  Jill did great at piecing the top and it quilted up beautifully.  I got to try out a new design called Swirls N Twirls which I thought matched the quilt perfectly.

Close up of the Swirl N Twirl design.

Naomi's Homespun Quilts

Naomi creates such a variety of quilts.  These two quilts made with homespun fabrics are perfect for a couple of boys to use and love.  We did a simple meander and used a lofty poly batting to be warm and "squishy".

Karen's Retirement Quilt

I am a little behind in my posts on the blog.  It has been a crazy few months.  I have a few quilts I would like to post but I will start with a quilt I quilted for Karen who retired from Union Pacific.  The back was hand prints with her co-workers messages written inside.  What a great memory.

This was another King Size Quilt.
Lots of train fabric was used.  

I used Contempo pantograph.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Leona's Quilt Ladies Quilt

I love this quilt I quilted for Leona yesterday.  I am calling it the Quilt Ladies quilt.  I do not know what it really should be called but I love the panels she used in the quilt.  I sure do love the quilter's life!!!

Is used the Feathered Fun pantograph.

The backing is from SewBatik and matched the top perfectly.

Another Quilt from Christy

This is the second quilt I had in my backlog to quilt for my daughter.  I decided to try a pantograph that I've owned for over a year called Cortada.  It started off a little challenging with all the tight curves and lines to follow all over the place but I got in the groove after a couple rows.

This quilt is also for sale if you are interested.  Let me know and I will pass it on to Christy.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Christy's Quilt (FOR SALE)

My daughter, Christy, made this fun, bright quilt.  I added my "touch" to it with the quilting.

She would like to sell it to help pre-fund a vacation she would like to go on with her husband.  Let me know if you would like more information.

The quilting design is called Contempo.

The thread is a bright orange.

The backing is a very plush, SewBatik flannel.  Snuggly soft!

My Dad's Birthday Quilt

My dad turned 77 last week.  He was also recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer.  In my quilt ministry, I give quilts to others who have cancer or other illnesses.  But this is too close to home!  Still, one of my first thoughts after the shock wore off was to make him a quilt.  He starts chemo and radiation next month after they perform a second biopsy on him.  He NEEDS a quilt.

He has a great, positive attitude and I know lots of people are praying for complete healing...if that is God's will.  If you have found this blog, Dad, I love you and know you are a fighter.  I am praying for you.

So here is the quilt I made for him...