Monday, May 12, 2014

Latest Quilts

I have finally invested in a better computer.  What a difference that makes!  Instead of fighting a very slow computer, I can get right to the fun part of updating my blog more often!! 

So here are some of the quilts I have quilted since my last post.

Diane's Christmas Quilt #1

Diane's Christmas Quilt #2

Rachel's Modern Wedding Quilt

Kathy's Iowa Quilt

Sara's Baby Quilt



Sara's Clever Egg Quilt

Sara's Egg Quilt Backing

Sara's Cow Quilt

Sara's Chicken Quilt

Minky Baby Girl Quilt - Twins

Minky Baby Boy Quilt - Twins

Kathy's I Spy

Jill's Twister

Back of Jill's Twister

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